Red Light Cameras in Chicago

By: Gianni Hrobowski

Places all over the United States have used red light cameras to help capture images of vehicles running red lights and abusing the rules of the road. Red light cameras were used in Chicago starting in 2003. They were designed to increase safety on Chicago streets stopping hazardous situations from occurring. You can access data of all the red light camera locations from The Chicago Data Portal.

The images receive an initial review by the camera vendor to make sure the quality is acceptable. The images are sent to the City’s Department of Revenue for review then are processed. Red light cameras only take pictures when incidents occur and not when drivers are legally turning right on red after a complete stop which drivers have frequently questioned.

Here is an interactive map where you can see over 100 of the red light cameras placed all over Chicago.

Map of the 149 red light cameras in Chicago, Illinois. (Map/ Gianni Hrobowski)

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