Top 10 Chicagoland Hot Dog Restaurants

Chicago is known for their famous Chicago style Hot Dogs. The amount of Hot Dog restaurants Chicago has can be overwhelming for visitors. I made a list of the top 10 Hot Dog restaurants to check out when your in the Windy City.

  1. Gene & Jude’s– The crisp fries on top of the hot dog make it the number one place to go to when you are in the Chicagoland area.
  2. Devil Dawgs Wicker Park– They have a large variety of hot dogs and amazing shakes to go along with your meal.
  3. Jim’s Original– The original hot dog and a favorite for many UIC students. Photos courtesy of Victorgrigas
  4. Portillo’s Hot Dogs– A Chicago classic everyone who visits needs to try, along side a large order of fries and chocolate cake shake. Photos courtesy of Navin75
  5. Wrigleyville Dogs– Perfect spot to go right after a Cubs game to get a tasty hot dog. Photos courtesy of Discosour
  6. The Wiener’s Circle– Classic Chicago dog is the best one to order here. Photos courtesy of Walshga
  7. Jimmy’s Red Hots– This restaurant has been opened for over fifty years and is a favorite by many Chicagoans.
  8. Chicago’s Dog House-Restaurant has a lot of creative hot dogs and other sausages.
  9. Flub A Dub Chub’s– It is hard to see this restaurant being in the lower level of a building, but has great variety in hot dogs and other dishes.
  10. Superdawg Drive-In– This restaurant has a classic drive in giving off a nostalgic feel. The shake and fries are a great addition with your hot dog. Photos courtesy of CommonsHelper2Bot

Photo of hot dog on google my maps is courtesy of Deansfa

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