Google Trends: Earth’s Extraterrestrial Weather due to Climate Change and Area 51 Raid, Gun Control vs E-Cigarettes

Climate Change is a topic that many people are talking about in recent news. The planet has been changing for thousands of years, but recently the Earth is warming at a more rapid pace. While many people are concerned about the serious issues of climate change for the future of our planet others are worried about less serious things going on.

These other things being Area 51 which is the name of a highly classified United States Air Force facility in Nevada. A gamer named Matty Roberts created a Facebook event on June 27th about how we should all form together and storm Area 51 to see what is really inside.

These two topics were both in recent news trending at similar times for different reasons. People all over the United States have been going on strikes for Climate Change. Area 51 Raid has gained traction all over the world and government officials have warned people to stay away from the area since it is a secret base for workers only.

According to an analysis of Google Trends search data, Area 51 Raid maintained higher searches over the last 7 days. The event was scheduled for September 20th and you can see that searches were very high since people wanted to see results.

Despite the climate strikes happening at many different places over the United States Area 51 raid was looked at more in the media.

Gun Control vs E-Cigarettes

A topic that has been in talks for years in the United States is Gun Control. With incidents happening all year due to unnecessary gun violence people have been in talks in ways of regulating it.

Earlier this month Chicago mayor Lori Lightfoot and Ted Cruz had a heated exchange over their thoughts on gun control. Ted Cruz spoke on how gun control isn’t working looking at cities with high crime rates like Chicago. Lightfoot defended Chicago on Twitter and talked on how a huge percentage of these fire arms come from outside of Illinois.

While this is occurring E-Cigarettes are taking the world by storm because of the 7th death related to vaping. An electronic cigarette is a battery operated device that uses vaporized nicotine. California is planning on launching a 20 million dollar ad campaign to warn people on the danger of using vape pens.

According to an analysis of google searched data gun control has been searched greater than the number of E-cigarette searches within the last couple of days.

Although the topic of E-cigarettes is getting serious and more out in the public. Gun Control seems to be a bigger issue people have been looking into with all the politicians talking.

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